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Item # H32-060404-AL, H3200 Type - Hinged Weatherproof Box

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Surface MountingNEMA 4 - NEMA 3R - Complies with U/L Std. 50Third Party Certification: UL File E 189027Cast Iron - Hot Dipped GalvanizedStandard Construction:1.Box and plain cover of cast iron.2.Stainless steel machine screws.3.Neoprene gasket.Available Extras:1.Drilling only. Drilling and tapping.2.Bosses for five threads. Special gaskets.3.Mounting lugs.4.Interior mounting buttons tapped blind for panels or equipment. Hasp without lock.Featuring a retained one piece gasket with adequate pressure hinges and wing nuts for closure, H3200 type boxes are thoroughly weatherproof and dust-tight.Conduit entrances should be ordered with bosses for five threads to insure rain-tight and dust-tight installation. Mounting lugs are always desirable for out-of-doors applications.In addition to general use for junction and pull service, H3200 type boxes make ideal enclosures for (a) cut-outs, (b) transformers, (c) relays, (d) bus bar panels, (e) time signals, etc. Interior mounting buttons tapped blind can be located on specified centers. Complete units of enclosure and equipment by quotation. Terminal block enclosures with 2 to 180 wire systems are available.All boxes that are made in cast iron can also be made in cast aluminum – just add “AL” to the end of the part number to indicate cast aluminum.

Specifications  · Note





Cast Aluminum



Inside Length

6 in.

Inside Width

4 in.

Inside Depth

4 in.

Max. Conduit

2 in.

Approx. Weight

3.79 lbs

Approx. Wall Thickness

1/4 in.

Third Party Certification

UL E189027

Holes can be boss, drilled and tapped

Holes can be boss, drilled and tapped by Hope Electrical Products at additional cost. Please mark up the hole locations on the attached drilling template and submit with your order to request for quote.

Stock Note

If you don’t see a box size listed that you need, please inquire - we may have it. This list does not represent all of our boxes.


Compare wall thickness of box with chart below to determine if wall thickness is great enough for conduit hole threads required.
If more threads required, order with Bossed, Drilled or Tapped holes.

Conduit Size No. of Threads per inch Wall Thickness Required
5 Threads 3 1/2 Threads
1/2" - 3/4" 14 3/8" 1/4"
1" - 2" 11.5 7/16" 5/16"
2 1/2" - 4" 8 5/8" 7/16"


Mounting Lug Data
(PDF, 151KB)

Cross Reference
(PDF, 558KB)

Ordering Information
(PDF, 352KB)

Drilling Template for Cast Boxes
(PDF, 1009KB)

Hope Electrical Products Manufactures Electrical Boxes & Cabinets for Industrial & Commercial Use